What IsGenesis to Genius by Inercour Coaching?

Genesis to Genius is a 3 month self development program that teaches you how to access your genius within. During this program, you will develop a personalized success plan along with the skills, habits, and strategies you need to transform any current limit into greater work-life results.

Live For What Matters

Genesis to Genius offers a personalized, holistic, and strategic approach to creating breakthrough results.

Learn how you too can thrive from the inside out by reconnecting to your unique power, essence, and truth. This program honors the whole you, and is meant to resonate with conscious leaders looking to evolve authentically into who they were born to become. In this 3 month process, clients are taught how to create and adhere to their personalized definition of success; awakening to their potential and increased work-life performance.

A more purposeful and fulfilling life is waiting for you...


Connect more deeply to yourself.

  • Be coached in how and why contracted thinking creates inner conflict and limitations that linger.
  • Recreate yourself and the relationships you care about most.
  • Learn to master your inner dialogue.
  • Improve your ability to consciously live and lead.


Discover your purpose and true potential.

  • Defy your long held expectations into personal alignment.
  • Embrace your authentic truth.
  • Learn your unique value and how it can work for you.
  • Steer your life towards greater fulfillment, happiness, and personal success.


Transform your life and the world around you.

  • Align your heart with your will to change.
  • Take courageous action to create breakthrough work-life results.
  • Claim your potential and access the genius within.
  • Learn how you too can thrive from the inside out.

Client Testimonials

Real testimonials from real, transformed clients.

Belinda C.

Web Developer & Entrepreneur

"I have moved forward in so many areas of my life and am so thankful to Devin for opening up my world. I am now more of a doer than a procrastinator. I am now more fearless than inhibited – and I am never looking back."

Amy F.

Online Teacher & Coach

"I really enjoyed getting to work with Devin. He gave me a huge gift with his powerful, patient, and purpose-invoking coaching! I feel so much more clear about what I’m doing and why. More clear, in fact, than I ever have in my entire life."

Cecly P.

Professional Dancer & Choreographer

"Devin's approach helped me realize that my feelings of dissatisfaction were coming from more an issue with my messy emotional state rather than a situational or practical issue with my circumstances."